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Album & Summer Touring! 

"A Light in the Dark" is deep into production and we are having a great time!  I'm also going to be going on two mini-tours this summer.  I will be in LA from July 20th-24th, as well as the entire East Coast from August 1-14.  All show dates will be announced very soon!!  Can't wait to see you on the road!

Kickstarter for New Album & Holiday Shows! 

I am SO excited to announce the launch of my Kickstarter campaign for my sophomore album, "A Light in the Dark"!  The band and I have been hard at work on some new songs since the 2013 release of my debut EP Waterbird.  Now we're SO ready to show you what we've been developing since then--the songs rock a lot more, have a bit more blues influence, and are definitely the best lyrics I've ever written.  I think you're going to love it.  But I can't make this album without you!  Please head over to the Kickstarter Page to check it out and help this vision become a reality.  

ALSO!  I've got some holiday shows lined up!  Check the Events page for more details, but here's a quick rundown:

Nov. 21st I'm on the radio from 10am-12pm!  I'll be talking to Peter Arriaga on Alternative can listen at

Nov. 21st Then that night I've got my Eclectic Lady Show at Sip This in Valley Stream! 8pm FREE SHOW

Nov. 22nd I'm at the Union Square Holiday Market playing outdoors!  4-6pm, Come share in some good cheer with me!

Nov. 27th I'm playing Happy Hour 6-9 at O'Carroll's in Mineola!

Dec. 6th I'm at the Union Square Holiday Market again playing outdoors!  4:00, anyone who brings me a hot beverage gets whatever song they request.

Dec. 11th HOLIDAY SHOW @ The Twisted Shamrock with Sarah Glassman Band and Killer Wails, with Mike Tedesco opening!  I LOVE the bands on this show and I am going to be playing FULL BAND and maybe do a holiday song or two.  Please wear a Santa hat because that will make me happy.

Dec. 20th I'm at the Union Square Holiday Market for the last time!  4pm, I'm still serious about that hot beverage/request barter.

Phew!  It's gonna be a fun and busy holiday season.  I hope you'll come join me!  I plan on ACTUALLY Netflix/chilling hardcore for a week afterwards!!

Love you guys! Happy/Merry/you know.  All that.

July News! 


Every once in awhile I get to have an AMAZING day, the kind where everything just comes together.  The pic above is from the beach in Far Rockaway, where I recently shot a video for my next BIG project that I'll be announcing more about this fall.  It was a perfect night:  an incredible sunset, beautiful weather, a homemade superhero outfit (yes I'm wearing a cape), and really great friends.  I kept looking up at the sky and thinking, "thank you."   Pictured are my film crew/besties Ryan and Ally, and my most amazing, helpful, fun, Street Team captains Amanda and MJ--they help me with everything from selling merch at all of my shows to carrying fake pianos into the woods to help me shoot my music video.  (If you missed that video, it's here.  Amanda, you're a Godsend!).  I'm so, so grateful for the incredible people that have been put in my life because of this crazy path I chose--including all of YOU, too.  Every single one of you who comes to my shows or gets involved in any way is such a gift in my life.  THANK YOU.  

Birthday Show Friday 7/31!
Oh and don't forget too, I'm having a BIRTHDAY HOUSE PARTY SHOW in Farmingdale, NY on July 31st!  Since it's at a house, I'm asking that you email me for the address if you'd like to come--this way I know how much food to get!  Some of my FAVORITE bands are going to dear friend Sean Thomas' band Modern Trigger is soooo good I can't stand it, and Killer Wails who rock my socks and feature my bass player KeriAnn Marie, who is a goddess of the bass guitar.  We will also be having an OPEN MIC for those of you who want to sing, read poetry, dance...whatever. :-)

I love you guys!
See you all soon!!

Nico Padden & Friends Show @ Beery's 

Saturday, March 14th

I'll be playing in an all female-fronted band night at Mr. Beery's in Bethpage on Saturday, March 14th.  This is a 21+ show, cover's $5, and it will be featuring some bands fronted by women that I admire and respect.  It should be a great time, and I'll definitely be pulling out some Irish drinking tunes since it's St. Paddy's Day weekend.  Come dressed in green!
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